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#74 Systems Thinking, Systems Sensing (with Robert Hanig)

October 12, 2021 Andy Cahill / Robert Hanig Episode 74
The Wonder Dome
#74 Systems Thinking, Systems Sensing (with Robert Hanig)
Show Notes

Robert Hanig is a pioneer in the field of systems thinking and systems sensing. He's been doing this work for decades, helping organizations and groups of people more deeply understand the self-evident interconnectedness of everything that they do. He says at one point in our conversation, if it feels like your system is dysfunctional, you need to start paying closer attention because the system you live in is perfectly designed to get exactly the results that it's getting.

This reorientation invites us towards a recognition that we are both participants in and creators of our reality. The fact that we live in interconnected systems is both a new and ancient way of understanding how the universe works. If you have an instinct that events on the news, or on the global stage, or in your office workplace are connected in ways that aren’t always obvious, then Robert is the kind of person you want to be learning from.

In many ways, we barely scratch the surface in this conversation. But even scratching the surface of these ideas is to walk away with more depth of understanding than mainstream thinking has to offer us - about our work, our families, our identities, our societies, and the nature of reality. 

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