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#68 Back and Forth Across the Doorsill (with Schuyler Brown)

August 19, 2021 Andy Cahill / Schuyler Brown Episode 68
The Wonder Dome
#68 Back and Forth Across the Doorsill (with Schuyler Brown)
Show Notes

I feel really lucky that Schuyler Brown and I found our way to each other through some beautiful synergies. She is a dear friend of David Sauvage (Episode #52), and she co-facilitated a sacred ceremony for one of my dear friends, Elizabeth, daughter of Azima Jackson (Episode #67). Realizing this, we touched on the power of synergies and paying attention to what’s emerging in each moment to shape our path through life.

Schuyler brings a fierce commitment to our future as a species and to what might be possible for us if we're willing to face and meet the truths of reality that we might otherwise numb ourselves to. Her work is deeply trauma-informed and it is also deeply informed by nature. As a result, she brings a wonderfully clear-eyed, open-hearted, grounded approach to spirituality and identity.

The title of this episode is drawn from a beautiful Rumi poem that Schuyler reads during our conversation, which speaks to the power of waking up to life. So if you are sitting with this question of what it means to enliven yourself rather than numb yourself - or even if you have a sense that something's off with life, but you're not sure what - then the space that Schuyler helps create is a space for you.

p.s. stick around towards the end, Schuyler leads us in a powerful meditation that connects body, heart, and mind to the earth and to future possibilities.

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