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#66 Every Wave in the Ocean (with Irle Goldman)

August 03, 2021 Andy Cahill / Irle Goldman Episode 66
The Wonder Dome
#66 Every Wave in the Ocean (with Irle Goldman)
Show Notes

Dr. Irle Goldman is a licensed clinical psychologist and psychotherapist who has been teaching students at Lesley University and Cambridge College for 50+ years. He brings to his work - and to this conversation - a gift of loving presence. This gift of being curious about what's arising in the moment in a way that allows all of us to see new possibilities in our lives.

But what was really fun today was to hear him start to unpack his own emerging theory about what's actually happening in psychotherapy. In that relationship between the person who's seeking healing and the person who's offering healing, and how much really exists in the relationship between the two.

This is a wide-ranging, playful, expansive, oceanic conversation. It exists with the possibility that we are all connected and making waves in each other's lives. The more that we can swim into that and get curious about that - as opposed to trying to control it or repress it - the more we open up to a world of possibility that is diverse and beautiful, and allows for the widest range of human joy that is available to us.

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