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#64 Community as Medicine (with Elizabeth Markle)

July 20, 2021 Andy Cahill / Elizabeth Markle Episode 64
The Wonder Dome
#64 Community as Medicine (with Elizabeth Markle)
Show Notes

Elizabeth Markle is the co-founder and executive director of Open Source Wellness, bringing the ethos of ‘community as medicine’ into the modern healthcare system. She's a licensed psychologist, Ph.D., and researcher who's devoted her attention to understanding what makes communities thrive. She is also a teacher at the California Institute of Integral Studies, focusing on community mental health.

In addition to all this, Liz is a member of and proponent of community living, co-housing, and cohabitation, which may remind you of my previous guest, Chris Herndon. This is a wonderful part two to my conversation with Chris around what it actually means for us to come together in ways that allow us to live together and learn from each other.

Liz has a wonderful firsthand perspective as someone who lives in co-housing and secondhand as someone who researches and teaches others to connect with each other in the name of healing and growth. This is a powerful, fun, enriching conversation in that spirit.

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