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#63 The Conscious Evolution of the Human Species (with Richard Barrett)

July 13, 2021 Andy Cahill / Richard Barrett Episode 63
The Wonder Dome
#63 The Conscious Evolution of the Human Species (with Richard Barrett)
Show Notes

Richard Barrett is a provocateur of human potential. He has committed his life to helping the human species evolve. And, if I’m honest with myself, I expected him to be a solemn elder espousing wisdom from up on high. But he surprised me by bringing a lovely joie de vivre to our conversation, spiced with a dash of "the devil may care" attitude. As I reflect back, it’s clear to me that this energy serves as a wonderful complement to the deep work he's doing in the world. The work of advancing the evolution of human consciousness on a global scale.

I suppose you have to be pretty damn playful if you're working at that level :-)

Through the Barrett Academy for the Advancement of Human Values and the Humanity Awareness Initiative, Richard explores what it means for our individual and collective consciousness to continue to evolve as we meet the realities of today and envision beautiful futures for tomorrow. His aim is to help more people reach the level of consciousness where we’re aware of ourselves as one human species, making choices that will ripple across nations and ultimately into our collective civilization and biosphere.

As you listen, I hope you get a taste of what it is to relate to yourself and your place in the world with this level of dynamism and complexity. A truer sense of what it is to be alive at this moment on Earth, and of what we're all capable of if we commit ourselves to the lifelong journey of growth and evolution.

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