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#62 A Bridge Between Worlds (with Netaly Ophir Flint)

July 07, 2021 Andy Cahill / Netaly Ophir Flint Episode 62
The Wonder Dome
#62 A Bridge Between Worlds (with Netaly Ophir Flint)
Show Notes

My conversation with Netaly Ophir Flint was an exciting meeting of multiple worlds. She and I have worked together as part of a leadership development organization called KONU that she helps to lead. She's an amazing consultant, coach, teacher, and entrepreneur, and she also has an incredible personal journey.

Our conversation centers around our shared passion for adaptive leadership, a revolutionary approach to leadership that's rooted in a deeper understanding of how change actually happens. It was pioneered by Ron Heifetz at the Harvard Kennedy School and has been taken up by an incredible number of amazing practitioners around the world. And it's a core piece of the work that we do together at KONU.

To get there, we explore Netaly’s purposeful, personal journey into her identity as a leader who builds bridges between worlds, helping Jewish people around the world imagine and live into a common history and identity. As both Israeli-Jew and an American-Jew, Netaly has developed a unique ability to bridge diverse worlds as she works to build this vibrant global network.

If you've been sitting with the changes that this year has forced, and you've been wondering where and how to go next, this conversation has something for you.

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Ronald Heifetz
Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School

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