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#61 Awakening the Healing Organization (with Raj Sisodia)

June 30, 2021 Andy Cahill / Raj Sisodia Episode 61
The Wonder Dome
#61 Awakening the Healing Organization (with Raj Sisodia)
Show Notes

My guest today is the singular Raj Sisodia, a founding member of the Conscious Capitalism movement and co-author of the book by the same name, along with Whole Foods founder John Mackey. Raj is a prolific author who has written a number of books, but his most recent one, The Healing Organization, is the centerpiece for our conversation.

Raj makes a powerful case for a deeper orientation in our global economic systems. An orientation towards people, purpose, and impact, where profit might follow as a wonderful bonus, but is not the name of the game. He asks what it is to be an organization that's not only doing good in the world but is actually healing the world?

As an individual modeling change from within for himself, Raj is pointing us towards a path of collective change from within the systems we've already built. To build something new inside of something old. To do business in a way that actually heals ourselves and the world.

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