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#60 In Awe of the Stars (with Wesley Morris)

June 22, 2021 Andy Cahill / Wesley Morris Episode 60
The Wonder Dome
#60 In Awe of the Stars (with Wesley Morris)
Show Notes

Wesley Morris is a pastor, facilitator, and mentor. He extends an invitation for all of us to walk towards the parts of life that cause us the most fear or uncertainty. Towards the deeper, emergent truth waiting for us in the so-called “darkness.”

Wesley is the director of programs and strategy for the Southern Vision Alliance, working with on-the-ground activists who are facing systemic racism all over the South. These are people working with the question, How do we evolve our society so that we can move past systemic racism and truly reach a place of freedom for all people?

Together, we explore the question of what it is for us to face the “darkness” of our life. To face those places we think we know so that we can, in fact, step in the direction of the unknown in service of our best self. In service of wonder. In service of connection with each other.

All of this rests on the possibility of becoming ever more aware that we are not in control of life. We are life. The more we allow life to express, the more that possibility for healing, growth, for change, for what Wesley calls “unconditional love,  belief, and identity” can emerge.

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