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#59 A Policy of Imagination (with Brad Rowe)

June 15, 2021 Andy Cahill / Brad Rowe Episode 59
The Wonder Dome
#59 A Policy of Imagination (with Brad Rowe)
Show Notes

Brad Rowe is doing incredible work at the forefront of cannabis policy and research. He is committed to making this emerging domain of entrepreneurship a space where people who have faced the worst injustices of the war on drugs have access to the entrepreneurial upsides of the legalization of cannabis.

In addition to his own venture, Brad is a lecturer in Public Policy at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. He has also worked for over a decade with homeless populations and homeless job seekers, teaching them courses in stress management, goal setting, and relapse prevention. Before all of this, Brad had a remarkable, multifaceted career in Hollywood, including the GLAAD Media Award-winning film Shelter.

We explore all of that together, and the ways in which his early work as an actor and his current work as a policymaker actually weave together into a greater coherent whole.

By hearing Brad’s story, I hope you’ll tune into the beautiful reality that life will never be a linear journey. If you listen to your curiosity, follow the questions that are waiting for you, and pay deep attention to the lives of everyone around you - especially those lives that culture might tell you to ignore - the possibility for discovering your own path can truly emerge.

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