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#57 Pleasure and Power (with Hana Ramat)

June 03, 2021 Andy Cahill / Hana Ramat Episode 57
The Wonder Dome
#57 Pleasure and Power (with Hana Ramat)
Show Notes

Hana Ramat has a fascinating background in psychology, psychotherapy, mindfulness, and human development. Over the past 10+ years, she's worked with folks of all ages and backgrounds; from adults with severe and persistent mental illness at Bellevue Hospital in New York to children at Albert Einstein's College of Medicine’s early childhood center, and many in between.

Most recently, she’s shifted her attention to work with women who are struggling through life and are navigating a journey to self-actualization. She helps them reckon with and move through the unique challenges that women face as they navigate a patriarchal culture that prizes dominance, relentless competition, and emotional repression.

At the root of her work is the invitation for women (and, really, for all of us) to step into their bodies and into the pleasure and power that comes with being alive, without shame. The pleasure of love, romance, and sex. The power of being a leader and claiming space in the world. The way pleasure and power work together to allow for healing, wholeness, and resilient inner strength.

If you care at all about a world where women thrive, and a world where all of us - men, women, and everyone else along the gender spectrum - have access to more of the innate feminine energy and the capacities and sensitivities that come with that, then this conversation is for you.

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