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#55 Meta-Leadership (with Dr. Jeffrey Hull)

May 19, 2021 Andy Cahill / Dr. Jeffrey Hull Episode 55
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#55 Meta-Leadership (with Dr. Jeffrey Hull)
Show Notes

Dr. Jeffrey Hull has been something of a “mentor at-a-distance” for me. His book, Flex: The Art and Science of Leadership in a Changing World, provided a framework for leadership that I had an intuitive sense for but didn’t quite know how to describe. Reading his book was an ‘a-ha!’ moment for me. I hadn't heard anyone else put into words in the way that he did. So having him on the show and exploring with him first-hand was a real privilege.

His book explores the distinction between alpha leadership and beta leadership. Beta leadership is a way of leading that allows for more flexibility, inclusivity, warmth, and perspective-taking. Jeff compels leaders who are limited by an ‘alpha-only’ approach to take a wider stance, to develop the emotional and intellectual agility to either lead from beta, or step back so that beta leaders can step forward when they’re most needed.

However, even the binary between alpha and beta is a kind of constraint. Jeff named that binary limitation in our conversation, and we started to dive more deeply into the question of what it is to be a meta leader. A meta leader is someone who is neither alpha nor beta. Someone who draws from all of the different perspectives available so that they can show up in a way that is in service of the greatest good.

If you care at all about leadership, human development, about what it is to meet the current moment with agility, grace, new perspectives, and a deeper sense of what's possible for our collective future, then this conversation is for you.

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