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#53 The Journey Towards Collective Healing (with Liz Moyer Benferhat)

May 04, 2021 Andy Cahill / Liz Moyer Benferhat Episode 53
The Wonder Dome
#53 The Journey Towards Collective Healing (with Liz Moyer Benferhat)
Show Notes

Liz Moyer Benferhat is a healer with a big question and a big dream: How do we heal ourselves collectively in the face of the damage and change that our entire planet is facing as our climate and culture shifts? How do we take care of each other and care for the world that we are a part of? Her dream is that we find a way to answer those questions through our individual journeys of healing, which can become our collective journey.

Liz draws from an incredibly rich and deep set of practices and disciplines. She has a background in systems design, applied research, and international sustainable development. She also has deep lived experience facilitating community-based approaches to emotional healing and relational consciousness. From psychology to spirituality to the human body, Liz brings together all of these elements to create spaces where people can come together, grieve for what they've lost, and find a way forward in the face of all that we still have to reckon with.

This conversation is a beautiful inquiry into what collective healing is. You'll hear us working with that edge because it's something that has never been done on a global scale before and that's how big Liz's dream is.

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