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#52 The Church of What Wants to Happen (with David Sauvage)

April 29, 2021 Andy Cahill / David Sauvage Episode 52
The Wonder Dome
#52 The Church of What Wants to Happen (with David Sauvage)
Show Notes

David Sauvage is an empath, deeply attuned to the emotional states of people around him. He's best known for his performance art doing intuitive readings in front of audiences. His journey towards embracing his abilities - not only to understand other people's emotions but also to help them understand their own - is a remarkable one, fraught with challenges, struggle, loss. And, ultimately, a humble embrace of all the things he thought he was meant to run from.

This resonates deeply with me. Whenever I find myself trying to repress or distance myself from my emotions, the outcomes are never good. David's invitation in this conversation is to confront that which we're most afraid of, or that which causes us the most pain. In a world so committed to comfort, convenience, and surface harmony, this deeply counter-cultural stance has the power to transform who we are.

If you care at all about expressing yourself fully and helping others do the same, this conversation is for you. I can't wait for you to get a taste of what becomes possible as David and I enter the church of what wants to happen.

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