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#46 Writing Your Internal Resumé (with Tai Sunnanon)

March 16, 2021 Andy Cahill / Tai Sunnanon Episode 46
The Wonder Dome
#46 Writing Your Internal Resumé (with Tai Sunnanon)
Show Notes

Tai Sunnanon is a whirling dervish of a human, incredibly energetic, driven, persistent, intelligent, creative, and caring. He's the founder and CEO of Strategic Insights Group, a mission-driven consulting firm based out of LA. He's a life coach and executive coach. He's a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force. He is involved with COVID vaccine distribution across Southern California.

And frankly, all of that is just the tip of the iceberg!  He has spent the past 25+ years traveling, teaching, and making a difference in the lives of everyone he meets.

But all of that's just his external resume, as Tai likes to call it. He also has this wonderful idea of the internal resume, the journey that each of us go on to become healed and whole.

We first met at Harvard while I was in my master’s program. Tai was a doctoral student and a teaching assistant for one of my core courses. I sensed that he was a person of deep integrity and deep intensity. But what I wasn't aware of was how driven he had been to escape his past rather than to face it. Eventually, Tai turned to meet his past, embrace it, and become who he was called to be. He shares some of that journey here in this wonderfully deep, enriching human-first conversation.

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